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Connect to customers by becoming their trusted guide

What is StorySelling?

Do you have a great product or service, but sometimes struggle to communicate it in a way that buyers engage with? What if a few tweaks could make all the difference and get customers to ‘Yes’ much more quickly?

StorySelling is a short intervention that leadership and sales teams use to hone both their marketing messaging and their client interactions / pitches to deliver greater sales with less effort.

Together we cover topics like how to avoid a perception of arrogance or amateur and hit the sweet spot of authority, the hero v guide paradigm and – of course – the keys to crafting great stories that really connect to your audience.

“Working with Form has given us a strategic framework to grow and scale our business, entering new markets and developing new service offerings.”

Simon Lewis, CEO (The Gate Films)

How It Works

One day workshop
A mix of presentation and collaboration to land the key concepts and move quickly to applying them across your sales & marketing activities.
Fresh language
A written up collection of bespoke suggestions for you to have fresh and relevant ways of articulating your product and service to target buyers.
Follow up activities and the support you need to embed the learning, drive improvements and achieve real results in your business.

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