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Creative & Digital Growth Programme

Unparalleled access to inspiring industry leaders, both at home and abroad.

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“We have worked with Form for the past two years, during which time we have doubled in size year on year and reached some ambitious milestones.”

Gary Wootten, Managing Director (Hitch Marketing)

What is Invent?

We’ve crafted a six month learning programme specifically for leaders of creative and digital companies who want to accelerate the growth of their business.

Invent puts you through an intensive but rewarding process. You'll gain the critical skills and insights needed to deliver the growth your company is capable of – whether that means new products, services, exports, turnover or staff. Ultimately, it's about enabling what you want for your business.

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How it Works

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European study trip

Invent begins with an immersive study trip to a either Copenhagen or Berlin – both renowned capitals of creativity, innovation and culture. Here we take leaders out of their environment to expand their thinking through new insights and experiences.

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Learning modules

Two further events follow on covering key topics including: You and Your Business, Strategy, Sales & Marketing, People & Team and Operations & Finance. All content is pitched at the level that agencies need to achieve meaningful growth.

Integrating Your Growth Plan

Building your growth plan

The final day of the programme is all about consolidation of learning and ensuring that you have all you need to implement your custom growth plan in your business to see immediate results.

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