Changing Gears SME Growth Programme

For small and medium sized enterprises who really want to get to the next level in fulfilling their potential

What is Changing Gears?

Over the last few years we’ve worked with leadership teams from dozens of small businesses in a structured way to help them identify and then make the brave decisions needed in order to achieve new levels of growth.

The Changing Gears programme is a short and focused intervention of three workshops with interim assignments and coaching to develop fresh thinking and build momentum in breaking through plateaus and scaling the business.

“Working with Form has given us a strategic framework to grow and scale our business, entering new markets and developing new service offerings.”

Simon Lewis, CEO (The Gate Films)

How It Works

A clear assessment
This half-day workshop focuses on helping the leadership team get a really clear understanding of where the business finds itself and the key opportunities to zoom into to achieve growth.
A clear vision
This session is all about getting a simple, clear and compelling vision for where the business could be in twelve months and in three years. The team also leaves the means of communicating that vision to staff and suppliers in an engaging way.
A clear plan
This workshop ensures that the team knows how to take the business from A to B, including working out where all the pitfalls are and deciding in advance how to steer clear. A key topic is how to ensure momentum is sustained when life gets busy back at the office.

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